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Civil Engineering Undergraduate Advising Team
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Lauren Varboncoeur

211-B Patton Hall, 540-231-0981,  Lauren serves as the lead academic advisor for the CEE Department.  She disseminates advising information to faculty advisors as well as working with many students herself. Academic issues or challenges are first handled through her office. Information about curriculum, courses, and departmental processes can be handled through her office.

Lauren Varboncoeur

Dr. Joe Dove

110 Patton Hall,  Dr. Dove is a faculty member in the Geotechnical Program Area of the Department. He often teaches undergraduate courses in geotechnical engineering. Dr. Dove has an interest in ground improvement, direct and remote sensing, climate change and strategies for adaptation, and geochemistry of earth materials. He is well versed in the undergraduate curriculum and is happy to answer student questions.

Associate Professor of Practice

Dr. Bill Knocke

220-B Patton Hall,  Dr. Knocke is a faculty member in the Environmental and Water Resources Program Area of the Department. He regularly teaches undergraduate coursework and can be considered extremely knowledgeable in the field of water and wastewater. Dr. Knocke has worked with undergraduates on many different levels and enjoys assisting them with development of research and academic goals.He serves as the CEE Department’s liaison to the Undergraduate Honors students. Any student who is enrolled in the Undergraduate Honors program or seeks to perform undergraduate research should be connecting with Dr. Knocke.

Willam Knocke

Dr. Kathleen L. Hancock

301-D1 Patton Hall,  Dr. Hancock is a faculty member in the Transportation Infrastructure and Systems Engineering Area of the Department. She teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses and works with graduate students who focus on transportation infrastructure and systems engineering. Dr. Hancock has an interest in freight operations and planning, transportation safety, and geospatial solutions to transportation problems.

Kathleen Hancock, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Dr. Scott Case

102 A Patton Hall, Dr. Case is a faculty member in the Structural Engineering and Materials area of the department. He often teaches undergraduate courses in geotechnical engineering. Dr. Case has an interest in the experimental characterization and modeling of engineering materials and structures (particularly those involving fiber-reinforced composites). He is a three-time Virginia Tech alumnus and is interested in helping students successfully complete their degrees as well as plan for the future. 

Scott Case

Dr. Monty Abbas

301 D-3 Patton Hall,  Dr. Abbas is a faculty member in the Transportation, Infrastructure and Systems Engineering Program Area of the Department. His interests are in real-time traffic control, traffic flow theory, driver behavior, ITS, transportation modeling and safety, artificial intelligence and systems optimization. Dr. Abbas teaches undergraduate transportation classes as well as the computer applications class.

Monty Abbas

Claire White

208 Patton Hall,  Claire White is an Assistant Professor of Practice in Land Development within the Department and also works in the Real Estate Program. Her primary role in the department is teaching as part of the undergraduate curriculum.  Claire’s experience includes first-hand knowledge of the CEE Department as well as working for a private consulting firm.  She is available to advise students on their time at Virginia Tech and beyond.

Claire White

Accelerated Undergrad/Graduate Degree Program – The Accelerated programs allow advanced Virginia Tech Undergraduate students an opportunity to push forward towards the pursuit of a graduate degree while they are completing their undergraduate degree. 

Advising – To find out more about advising and how to make an appointment.

Advising Guide – A resource to plan your program of study and find information about coursework.

Applying to Graduate School – Information provided here will assist students who are considering applying to graduate schools.

CEE Student Workrooms

Change of Major – Find the forms needed to change your major.

Checksheets – Check sheets are available to students to create their own plans and allow for depth and breadth of study in a variety of areas. Students will be able to create their own plan of study by strategically selecting courses of interest.

College of Engineering Forms – Course Withdrawl, Overload Requests, Exam Change, Transferring Credits and many other forms are available here.

Course Listing – Find the courses offered in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Department Grade Policy – Explanation of the department’s grade policy.

Force Add Requests – Fill out this survey for force add requests

Forms and Information – Visit this page for necessary forms and checksheets.

Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

Pre-Requisite Undergraduate – Click to find a list of pre-requisite courses for required CEE courses.

Scholarships and Financial Aid – Many opportunities are available to assist with the financing of a student’s college education. You can find resources to assist students and families in locating scholarships.

Student Ambassadors – The CEE Department has several dedicated juniors and seniors that assist the department with recruiting events such as the College of Engineering Open House, Admissions weekends and individual campus visits by prospective students.

Student Organizations – Click to see our list of student organizations and ways to get involved.

Tentative Future Class Schedule – This document shows the tentative future class schedule.

Undergraduate Calendar of events – This calendar shows upcoming CEE events.

Undergraduate Research – There are many ways to become involved with research at Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech Undergraduate Catalog – Find the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Course catalog and academic policies.

Many opportunities are available to assist with the financing of a students’ college education. The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at Virginia Tech maintains many resources to assist students and families in locating scholarships.

Scholarship Opportunities for CEE students

Civil Engineering Scholarships

The Civil Engineering Department participates in the College of Engineering’s merit-based scholarship process. All Departmental funding is awarded through the COE’s application process. Therefore, if a student is interested in applying for scholarships from the CEE Department directly, they must complete the COE scholarship process. Information can be found in the navigational links at the top of the page under COE Scholarship Opportunities.

It is strongly recommended that all current students submit this application, as the Civil Engineering Department distributes nearly $180,000 to undergraduate students in merit-based scholarship each year. Applications are available each year beginning in February. Current students are notified of this date and deadline via e-mail.

College of Engineering Scholarships

Applications are available for merit scholarships in the College of Engineering in February of each year.

Prospective College of Engineering students can find information about scholarships related to new students here.

Current College of Engineering students can find information about the COE scholarship process here.

College of Engineering Study Abroad Scholarships

Other Scholarship Sources

Companies and organizations often notify the Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of available scholarships for students pursuing a civil engineering degree. Information about these scholarships is disseminated to currently enrolled students via an undergraduate communication forum and posted on the undergraduate scholarship webpage for students to review.

Cost Table for VT Tuition and Fees

The Charles E. Via, Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering is home to several active student groups and societies. They participate in a variety of activities ranging from public service to competitions with other schools. They can provide many wonderful memories and challenges, as well as strengthening friendships with other students.

  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA)
  • American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA)
  • American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE)
  • Alliance of Transportation Engineering Students (ATES)
  • American Waterworks Association (AWWA)
  • Chi Epsilon
  • Construction Management Association of America
  • Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)
  • Engineers for a Sustainable World
  • Engineers in Action
  • Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI)/Coasts, Oceans, Ports, and Rivers Institute (COPRI)
  • Geotechnical Student Organization
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
  • North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT)
  • Order of the Engineer
  • Structural Engineering Institute (SEI)
  • Sustainable Land Development Club (SLDC)

The CEE Department provides many opportunities for students to network with employers to secure connections for their future. However, students must take advantage of these opportunities in order to benefit from them!

Career Fairs

There are different job fairs at Virginia Tech that offer many different opportunities for student employment, both internships and jobs after graduation. Visit the individual webpages for each career fair for more information such as dates, locations, and companies attending.

Each fall, the Charles E. Via Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering hosts a career fair, specifically for CEE majors. Visit the Career Fair website for more information.

CEE Job Opportunities

This link provides a list of employment opportunities that have been provided directly to the CEE Department from various employers.

CEE Career Network

Positions posted here are provided by a third-party network called “After College”. Feel free to access these services for another avenue to search for employment.


This is the VT main database for employment across the University. Students should post their resume here – employers new to VT often start here and search for student resumes via this database.

International Employment Search

Extensive resources are available for the student seeking an international career. The Career and Professional Development (CPD) Office has resources to aid VT’s International students. The CPD staff will provide more details for students interested in these opportunities to include information about H-1B visa status.

Identifying Engineering Firms

Use this website to search for engineers and engineering firms.

Salary Information

Salary information can be found at the above link.

If you cannot see a calendar here, please log in to your VT Google Apps Account…