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Stanley Grant

Professor and Co-Director OWML
Professor and Co-Director OWML Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Laboratory
9408 Prince William Street,
Manassas VA 20110

Program Area : Environmental and Water Resources Engineering

Stanley Grant is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at VT, stationed at the Occoquan Watershed Monitoring Lab in northern Virginia (near Washington D.C.). He studies the fate and transport of environmental pollutants in water, with a focus on pollutant attenuation in green stormwater infrastructure and in natural and restored streams. He has led multiple center grants, including an international NSF-funded project focused on urban water sustainability with several universities in Australia and a University of California Office of the President award focused on capturing and using stormwater on the five southern UC campuses. In collaboration with researchers from around the world, he is currently developing a "grain-to-globe" modeling framework for addressing nutrient pollution at reach, watershed, and continental scales.

Area of Interest

Water supply and water quality; environmental fate and transport modeling; coupled human-natural systems