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Tripp Shealy

Tripp Shealy
113C Patton Hall
Blacksburg, VA, USA 24061
Mail Code: (0105)

Program Area : Construction Engineering and Management

My research investigates engineering decision making at the system, behavioral, and cognitive levels to encourage less carbon intensive and more user-centered infrastructure system solutions. My approach to research bridges data science and cognitive psychology to engineering for sustainability.

Area of Interest

Engineering decision making for sustainable infrastructure and communities.
Key areas include: (1) judgement and decision making under uncertainty, (2) engineering design methods, (3) engineering education for sustainability.

  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering
    Clemson University
  • M.S. Civil Engineering
    Clemson University
  • B.S. Civil Engineering
    Clemson University
  • CEE 4014 : Estimating, Production and Cost Engineering
  • CEE 4984 : (SPRING 2020) Smart Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Preparing engineers to address climate change and its implications on sustainability: modeling impact of college experiences on students (NSF #1635534)
  • Intentional defaults for more sustainable infrastructure: Studying interventions to alleviate biases in upstream, multi-stakeholder decisions (NSF #1531041)
  • Shealy, T. and Klotz, L. (2016). "Choice Architecture as a Strategy to Encourage Elegant Infrastructure Outcomes." J. Infrastruct. Syst., 10.1061/(ASCE)IS.1943-555X.0000311, 04016023.
  • Shealy, T., Klotz, L., Weber, E., Johnson, E., and Bell, R. (2016). "Using Framing Effects to Inform More Sustainable Infrastructure Design Decisions." J. Constr. Eng. Manage. , 10.1061/(ASCE)CO.1943-7862.0001152 , 04016037.
  • Harris, N.; Shealy, T.; Klotz, L. How Exposure to "Role Model" Projects Can Lead to Decisions for More Sustainable Infrastructure. Sustainability 2016, 8, 130.
  • Shealy, T. and Klotz, L. (2015). "Well-Endowed Rating Systems: How Modified Defaults Can Lead to More Sustainable Performance." J. Constr. Eng. Manage., 141(10), 04015031.
  • Shealy, T., Valdes-Vasquez, R., Klotz, L., Potvin, G., Godwin, A., Cribbs, J., and Hazari, Z. (2015). "Career Outcome Expectations Related to Sustainability among Students Intending to Major in Civil Engineering." J. Prof. Issues Eng. Educ. Pract. , 10.1061/(ASCE)EI.1943-5541.0000253 , 04015008.
  • Shealy, T. and Klotz, L. (2014) Encouraging Elegant Solutions by Applying Choice Architecture to Infrastructure Project Delivery. Construction Research Congress 2014: pp. 574-583. doi: 10.1061/9780784413517.059