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Patton Hall, Virginia Tech
Patton Hall, Virginia Tech

Center for Geotechnical Practice and Research (CGPR)

An alliance of practicing engineers, university faculty, and geotechnical engineering graduate students cooperating for mutual benefit and advancement of the geotechnical engineering profession. The center is organized to:

  • Provide expanded educational opportunities for regularly enrolled graduate students, geotechnical engineering practitioners, and others involved in the many facets of geotechnical engineering.
  • Conduct research on geotechnical problems of far reaching generic importance and current practical importance, and
  • Enhance the knowledge base and practice level of geotechnical engineering.


Land Development Design Initiative (LDDI)

A collaborative effort of the Via Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech with industry practitioners. The three primary objectives of LDDI are:

  • Improving land development design education, including increasing student awareness of land development design as a career path
  • Increasing interaction between practitioners and undergraduate civil engineering students at Virginia Tech
  • Enhancing research efforts in the land development area


Sustainable Water Infrastructure Management (SWIM)

Aims to bring together the global water industry to improve the performance, sustainability, and resiliency of existing and future water infrastructure systems. The core activties are:

  • Promote a collaborative environment within the water infrastructure community and disseminate critical information to improve performance, sustainability, and resiliency.
  • Create and share water infrastructure data, analytical tools and techniques, best practices, case studies, and synthesis reports.
  • Foster multidisciplinary collaboration among water experts to advance and shape water industry.
  • Articulate priorities for global water infrastructure and promote interactions among diverse water utilities.
  • Develop and deliver the most comprehensive source of water infrastructure asset management information and innovative research available through WATERiD and PIPEiD national databases, conferences, workshops, training courses, publications, reports, and online certification programs.
  • Pioneer outreach programs that are renowned for addressing local, state, national, and international water infrastructure asset management challenges.