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Yakutat, Alaska USA - Shoreline probe samples being taken from a boat.

SEM Faculty lead students to see bridges in Europe

Initiating a Collaboration with an International Partner?

Propose a new agreement to support research and teaching activities with an international partner.

Hosting an International Visitor? Please contact Lindy Cranwell for questions.

International Travel Forms, Requirements and Procedures

CEE Faculty members may contact Lindy Cranwell,, for help and planning of international travel and programs.

Employees Traveling Abroad

In CEE, faculty and staff should work with their respective program administration staff to process a travel approval well in advance of travel and according to deadlines by the university (see procedure on registering international travel). If you are traveling on short-notice, please email Allie Oberoi in addition to processing the TA. Your program area administrator can help with the travel approval system. Required travel insurance and basic information about travel liability may be found here:

For Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Please see Travel Preparation & Safety Abroad for Undergraduate & Graduate students. This information helps students who are travelling on their own or without an official group (conferences, research, etc).

Faculty-Led Group For Credit—Faculty/staff member leading a group of two or more students overseas on a trip for credit. Examples: study abroad, for-credit research, course required field-trip. CEE faculty members may contact Lindy Cranwell for assistance with creating faculty-led programs.

Faculty-Led Group Not For Credit—Faculty/staff member leading a group of two or more students overseas on a trip not for credit. Examples: Service-learning, competitions, conferences, research (not for credit).

Additionally, the university policy for international travel is available at:

Other Important Resources: