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Things to Consider Before Studying Abroad

Things to do/consider

1.  Create an electronic journal where you keep websites of interest and make notes. This will help you narrow programs down.
2. See for links and information for VT engineers:

– Apply for scholarships (VT and non-VT)
– Find student organizations focused on international issues
– Find all COE programs
– Find transfer credit form – TO BE COMPLETED PRIOR TO TRAVEL

3. Consider a back-to-back Co-op and abroad program.  Earn a little money for the abroad program, gain international and work experience in the same year.
4. Plan living arrangements in advance in Blacksburg so you are not paying rent in two locations. Make living arrangements (if needed) with the university you will attend
5. Get a passport or renew it. It should not expire for six months following your return date from travel.
6. Check to see if you need vaccinations
7. Check to see if you need a visa
8. Visit the financial aid office and prepare financially. – PLAN TO SAVE NOW! Contact Marielle Wijnands at the Global Education Office too.
9. Prepare yourself for a change, find out about your location
10. Search airline ticket costs
11. Know the academic year schedule (for full semester programs) before you apply for a program.