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CEE Sponsored Programs

Current Opportunities:

  • APPLY NOW: The CEE 3954: Bridges, Builders & Society class will be taught in Spring 2023 with mandatory travel from May 14-26, 2023 to Italy, Austria, & Switzerland. The spring class will be taught by multiple professors from our structural engineering & materials faculty members. Students will then travel to Europe with Drs. Roberts-Wollmann and Leon to see the bridges (& other structures) and visit communities impacted by civil engineering. The program fee is $3,000 and small scholarships are available for BS/CE majors through the CEE department. All information about this program, finances, and eligibility can be found at the above link. The deadline to apply is November 1, 2022, but HURRY as the program may fill up early. See pictures from past programs (click Europe at the bottom of the page). 
  • APPLICATIONS are open (see program overview for the apply now button) for the CEE Semester Abroad at the Steger Center in Fall 2023.

    Students will be abroad from August 17-December 8, 2023.
    Dr. Roberto Leon will be the faculty leader and instructor.
    Contact Lindy Cranwell,, for questions about applying to this program.

    Spend your Fall 2023 semester in Europe at the Steger Center in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland! Excursions around Switzerland, Germany and Italy will be included in the program.

    Students will take:
    • CEE 3684: CEE Materials (must C- or better in each of the following: CHEM 1035 &1045, GEOS 2104, ESM 2204, and CEE 2814)
    • CEE 3404: Introduction to Structural Engineering (must have C- or better in ESM 2204)
    • CEE 3954: Study Abroad – Bridges, Builders, & Society (must have C- or better in ESM 2204)
    • More (3 more credits): Options include online courses in CEE or VT, or courses taught by the Steger Center in Fall 2023.

    Students will pay outlined Steger Center tuition, fees, and room & board (see the Bursar’s website). Additionally, students will have a program fee of $5,500 that will cover expenses for field trips, long excursions, transportation in Europe for programmed trips, and several excursion trip meals. Students will need to purchase their own airfare to Europe and back to the USA.