Dan Gallagher joined the Virginia Tech faculty in 1987 and is currently Professor in the department. He has over 35 years of experience specializing in environmental statistics and data analysis, risk assessment, food safety, contaminant fate and transport, environmental modeling and simulation.

He is a fellow with the Water INTERface IGEP. He works in both the environmental and food safety fields to improve the safety and reliability of food and water. He is known for bringing a quantitative expertise to brad interdisciplinary teams. 

Most recently, his research has been related to environmental risks from consumer products and how acceptable drinking water quality can produce unacceptable indoor air quality when used in a humidifier.

Gallagher teaches primarily undergraduate courses. Some of them include Surface Water Quality Modeling, Environmental Monitoring and Sampling, Introduction to Environmental Engineering, and Computer Applications in CEE. He was instrumental in adding Data Analytics for CEE to the curriculum and developed the class that is now being taught by three additional faculty members.

Michael Grove, who took two of Gallagher’s courses said “What I admire about Professor Gallagher is that he teaches with a kind sense of humor and acceptance of his students. It is clear that he is passionate and loves to teach.”

He was honored before with the Loganathan award in 2012.

The G.V. Loganathan award is determined by a poll of current CEE students who feel that faculty affected their education in a positive way through teaching, research, advising, involvement with student organization or in other ways. The award was formerly known as the CEE Faculty Achievement Award, but the name was changed with unanimous support from the department in memory of Dr. G.V. Loganathan who received the award five times during his tenure at Virginia Tech.