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Force Add Requests

CEE Force Add Form

Complete the force add form  here.

For students submitting a force add request because they took pre-requisites elsewhere, complete the form below before submitting a force add request.

Click here to access the Pre-Requisites Taken Elsewhere Form

Notes when filling out the form:

  • The Force Add form is intended for students who have taken a pre-requisite elsewhere and for those that cannot add a course themselves. It is not intended to be used to try and add a closed section of a course.
  • Force add requests for a specific professor or time preference (of a closed section of a course) will not be processed.
  • Ensure that there are no holds on your account. We cannot remove holds to force add a course to your schedule.
  • Ensure that there are no time conflicts with your requested course or CRN. If available for specific course, please list your top 3 requested CRNs.
  • We cannot add you to a course if doing so exceeds 19 credit hours, unless you have permission. If you do, please note that in your force add submission. Permission is granted by the Engineering Academic Dean.
  • The CEE department cannot force add you to non-CEE courses, you will need to contact the department of the course you wish to add.