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Accelerated Undergrad/Graduate Degree Program

The Accelerated programs allow advanced Virginia Tech Undergraduate students an opportunity to push forward towards the pursuit of a graduate degree while they are completing their undergraduate degree. There are two distinct programs for students to “accelerate” a graduate program of study. These are described below.

The Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Program (UG/G)

UG & G Program Sample Course Designation Form | UG & G Sample Memo

The Course Designation Form can be found on > Current Students > Forms for Graduate Students > Academic Progress > Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree and Course Designation

You must create a memo per the sample document hyperlinked above.

You are eligible if:

  • You have a cumulative VT GPA of 3.5 or better
  • You have a cumulative VT GPA of 3.3 or better and have maintained a VT GPA of 3.5 or better in your last 60 hours of coursework.
  • You will be finishing your B.S. degree in 2 academic semesters (or a 12 month period)
  • You have done the paperwork to be accepted into this program prior to the beginning of the semester that you want to take classes in this program

Participate because:

You will be able to get an early start on a graduate level degree by using up to 9 credit hours to satisfy both your undergraduate and graduate requirements (exact classes to be determined with the help of undergraduate and graduate advisors). You can participate in this program anytime during the final year of undergraduate study once approved.

Follow these steps for application:

  1. Meet with the Coordinator or the Admissions Coordinator of the Graduate Program Area where you wish to pursue your M.S. degree.
  2. Go to and apply online for THE SEMESTER WHEN YOU WILL ENTER THE REGULAR M.S. PROGRAM (this is usually the academic semester following your undergraduate graduation).
  3. Ask two (2) professors or professionals to write letters of recommendation for you (Please use the online application to request these letters).
  4. The GRE is NOT required for the application or to be considered for funding. Students are welcome to submit a general GRE score, if desired.
  5. Meet with the graduate program area coordinator AND your undergraduate advisor to choose the classes to be counted for both degrees. These classes may be 4000 or 5000 level.
  6. Create a memo (a sample is available in the links above) outlining the chosen classes and obtain the signatures of the graduate program area coordinator or admissions coordinator AND Lauren Varboncoeur. Address this memo to the Department Head of CEE.
  7. Fill out the Graduate School office UG/G form for this program, which is listed under Academics – Forms – Academic Progress – Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree and Course Designation.
  8. Turn in memo and UG/G designation form to the Graduate Student Coordinator, Sarah Martin, in Patton Hall 211D or email to turn them in.
  9. Once in the program, you MUST make a “B” or better for the classes that are to be double counted.

Guidelines for submission of the above materials:

  • Preferred no later than  June 15th if you are seeking Fall admission to UG/G status
  • Preferred no later than November 15th if you are seeking Spring admission to the UG/G status

Student Status:

While officially enrolled as a UG/G student, your undergraduate student status will take precedence for the purpose of establishing tuition rates, qualifying for scholarships/fellowships, and qualifying for financial aid. Once you have completed all your undergraduate requirements, you will become a regular master’s student. At that time you will become eligible for graduate tuition, graduate scholarships/fellowships and financial aid based on graduate student status. You will still go through undergraduate graduation and receive the B.S. degree before officially moving into the regular master’s program.

Additional Opportunities

Students who have flexibility in their undergraduate schedule (only for their LAST semester) may be able to take an additional graduate level course outside of the approved 9 “double count” courses. A maximum of 3 additional “dual enrollment” hours may be allowed if pre-approved by the department. The mix of “double count” and “graduate only or dual” credit cannot exceed 12 total credits. This class should be listed on the Graduate School UG/G form that is turned in with the application for UG/G status. This extra class will not be on both transcripts; it will only appear on a graduate level transcript and must be taken for a letter grade.

The Accelerated Dual Enrollment Program

Dual Program Sample Designation Form

This Course Designation Form can be found on > Current Students > Forms for Graduate Students > Academic Progress > Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Degree and Course Designation

Seniors can participate in the dual program only in their final semester of work towards completion of their undergraduate degree. Students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 cumulative, and no more than 1 semester of work for their B.S. degree, may take graduate courses to satisfy an advanced degree program as dual registrants. These classes may be 4000 or 5000 level, but no more than 6 total hours of 4000 level class can be used for a master’s degree.

In order to apply for the dual program, the student must apply and be accepted by the Graduate School in time to meet the acceptance deadlines for the semester desiring dual status. The application process is the same as listed above for the Accelerated Undergraduate/Graduate Program excluding #6. Students should apply online for the semester that they will become a regular master’s student (usually the semester following their B.S. degree awarding).  An accelerated undergraduate/graduate status form (choose DUAL status) must accompany the application package with the planned graduate level classes. Students admitted under dual status may not receive both graduate and undergraduate credit for the same course (except under the Accelerated UG/G program).


Further questions about these programs should be directed to Lauren Varboncoeur ( in 211 Patton Hall.

Graduate Program Contacts:

Environmental and Water Resources:
Dr. Jen Irish – Program Coordinator
Dr. Bill Knocke – Admissions & UG/G Coordinator

Geotechnical Engineering:
Dr. Adrian Rodriguez-Marek – Coordinator
Dr. Russell Green – Admission’s Coordinator

Structural Engineering and Materials:
Dr. Matt Eatherton – Coordinator
Dr. Adam Phillips  – MS Admission’s Coordinator

Transportation Infrastructure & Systems Engineering:
Dr. Kathleen Hancock  – Coordinator
Dr. Antonio Trani  – Admission’s Coordinators

Construction Engineering & Management:
Dr. Mike Garvin – Coordinator
Dr. Farrokh Jazizadeh Karimi – Admission’s Coordinator

Interdisciplinary Programs:

Civil Infrastructure Engineering
Dr. Mike Garvin – Coordinator  & Admission’s Coordinator

Sustainable Land Development
Dr. Tripp Shealy – Coordinator & Admissions’s Coordinator