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Identifying Engineering Firms

How to Identify Engineering Firms

This document is how to identify engineering firms that do not currently recruit at Virginia Tech, most of which will apply to jobs in states farther away geographically.

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC)

ACEC provides an online membership directory that serves as an excellent resource for civil & environmental engineering students who are trying to identify engineering firms in a specific geographical area of interest. Not all engineering firms may be members of ACEC, but many are. Visit ACEC.

Start your search:

  • You can look through the membership directory from “About ACEC à Membership Directory”.
  • Searches can be made using several inputs to include: firm name, state, discipline, areas of interest, and number of employees.
  • When searching for firms in a specific geographical location, be as broad as possible to encompass companies outside city limits.

Other ACEC services:

ACEC also has a Job Board that allows job seekers to post resumes and perform searches of job listings. Visit “Resources à Job Board”.